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What is ClariLegal?

ClariLegal is an online vendor management platform that simplifies buying, selling, and managing essential legal services.
ClariLegal allows buyers and sellers to be in control of the work instead of the work controlling them.

The ClariLegal philosophy – Empower people to create and enhance processes through the smart application of technology to improve business results.
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Cost Reduction
Reduce the overall cost of your project
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Cost Assuredness
Know exactly what you're paying for
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Project Transparency
See every step of the project

How Does It Work?

We match corporations and law firms with the vendors they need to do their work and put them through a fast and complete RFP and bidding process. Simply, enter a job scope into the platform, receive bids from vetted vendors including your preferred vendors, select the best vendor, and start work.

Vendor Service Offerings

ClariLegal helps solidify the relationship between corporations and law firms by collectively deciding on vendor selection. ClariLegal also provides litigation consulting and assessments. Examples of vendor services we match for include:

Information Governance

ESI Processing

Technology Assisted Review (TAR)

Consulting Services

Data Collection

Scanning & Printing

Contract Attorney Review

Litigation Preparedness

Forensic Accounting

Document Coding

Cyber Security

Litigation Assessments

Early Case Assessment

Hosted Review

Managed Services

Legal Software Comparison

Features Overview

ClariLegal gives you everything you need to complete your project efficiently and effectively.

Real Time Requests
Real Time Matching
With ClariLegal’s RFP Library, service providers are matched to jobs according to their specialized skill set, and are immediately notified when jobs become available.
RFP Builder
Customized RFPs
ClariLegal’s RFP Builder provides customized templates to allow corporations and law firms to quickly and efficiently create targeted proposals for work.
Project Tracking
Project Tracking
Tailor each project’s tasks to ensure timely completion and transparency to keep all stakeholders including corporations, law firms, and vendors on the same page
Detailed Bids
Detailed Bids
Our Line Item Bidding Tool is used by service providers to quickly price and bid on jobs based on a buyer’s specific needs. No more painful searching and filtering through job details.
Scope Flexibility
Scope Flexibility
Our Scope Creation Tool allows companies and law firms to accurately scope a job in minutes.
Project Management
Management Dashboard
Manage your portfolio of litigation & compliance projects through this Dashboard
Easy Comparisons
Easy Comparisons
An “apples to apples” Bid Comparison Matrix allows you to compare line item pricing, capabilities, and RFP information submitted by qualified service providers.
Automatic Contracts
Automatic Contracts
Once you select the best value bid, we automatically generate a Statement of Work that reflects all pertinent information about the buyer, service provider and job.
Unified Communications
Unified Communications
Auditable, trackable, secure, and transparent communication for each project to reduce quality issues
ClariLegal has given our firm the ability to handle complex discovery matters, while saving our clients money on both vendor expenses and attorney time. The platform is easy to use, and has reduced cost on every job which we have put out for bid.

Pierce & Mandell, P.C.

We needed to find a qualified vendor—it took us over two months. ClariLegal identified and introduced us to truly qualified vendors in under two days.
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