ClariLegal for Corporations

We take the pain and uncertainty out of the process and put you in control

ClariLegal allows for corporations to reduce risk and to more accurately forecast and better manage litigation budgets by providing a vendor management application that improves transparency and control. This is possible through value-based apples-to-apples comparisons of eDiscovery vendors.

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ClariLegal helps you:

  • get competitive bids on every project
  • get clear, easy-to-understand pricing
  • track project progress
  • avoid surprises on the bill


Information Governance

ESI Processing

Technology Assisted Review (TAR)

Consulting Services

Data Collection

Scanning & Printing

Contract Attorney Review

Litigation Preparedness

Forensic Accounting

Document Coding

Cyber Security

Litigation Assessments

Early Case Assessment

Hosted Review

Managed Services

Legal Software Comparison


Excellent service and quick support

I have found ClariLegal to be an excellent resource for deep insight into e-discovery vendor selection and process management. ClariLegal provided a clear picture of the competitive landscape for the litigation services market, with apples to apples pricing/service offering comparisons as well as assistance to understand various optional services. By using ClariLegal we saved a significant amount of time and money on our litigation e-discovery and gained expert insight.

Competitive Bidding and Vendor Management

We have been tasked with reducing legal costs and I believe ClariLegal will help us meet our goal through competitive bidding and its vendor management capabilities.

Cost and Time Savings

ClariLegal is great and just what this industry needs. We would require our law firms to use ClariLegal to take advantage of the cost and time savings and pass them along to us and their other clients.
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