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A Better Way To Sell And Manage eDiscovery And Other Litigation Services

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ClariLegal is "One-Stop" Selling


Now you can expand your sales reach without escalating costs using ClariLegal. Let ClariLegal become your business partner, bringing you standardized leads from ready-to-buy customers so you can bid quickly and accurately. When you win a bid, ClariLegal provides the project management tools ensure transeparency throughout the process. Lead generation has never been so easy and affordable.

Real Time Requests

Receive automatic notifications when a new Request for Proposal is available

Rapid Response

Seal the deal in hours and end the last minute RFP obstacles

Standard Requests for Proposal

Enjoy a simple, standardized RFP process and create accurate proposals in minutes

Payment Guarantee

No work, no fee. You only pay us when you've won the work

Uniform Pricing

Use standard terms and uniform pricing for similar projects

Preferred Status

Be part of a network of preferred vendors referred in from law firms and corporations

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Awesome Technology

We we able to bid on three jobs collectively worth over $150,000 in less than 30 minutes and we heard back--24 hours after we submitted our bids--that they were accepted!

How to join the ClariLegal Vendor Community

As a vendor, you will need 3 references from law firms or corporations and will need to complete your company profile with a ClariLegal expert

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